Nicksology Babe of the Week – Kimberly Cruz

Kimberly has a true love for bartending. Imagine if Breaking Bad was about mixing drinks and the star was a pinup model instead of an ex-teacher. With over 12 years in the industry she’s made a lot of friends along the way, and if you’re lucky enough to be one you know friends are the most important thing in her life- more important than publicity to Kanye. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to meet new friends everyday at the bar, it’s pretty much the perfect job for her. Not only is Kimberly a flair bartender on par with Tom Cruise in Cocktail (never saw it? Go Netflix it- we’ll wait…) but she volunteers in her community with beach clean ups and reaching things on the top shelf. Her giving doesn’t stop there, she also rescues iguanas and helps find them forever homes. Iguanas! Who does that? Kimberly, that’s who. She strives to show her appreciation by giving a helping hand where ever she can and is a big believer in taking care of the city she fell in love with while having fun along the way- If San Diego was Ted Mosby, she’d be the Your Mother he’s been dying to tell you about.

You can follow her on Instagram at @kbbcruz and on Facebook at

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