Nicksology Babe of the Week – Kristen Clinkscales

Kristen Clinkscales is a 24 years old native San Diegan.

Kristen has worked in the gaslamp for over 5 years as a Tilted Kilt girl, a Smokin’ Gun (Double Deuce), a Pussycat Doll at the former PCD Dollhouse, a Fluxx Foxx (Fluxx Nightclub), and now a proud Parq Bunny Bottle server where she provides the ultimate party experience in the  Best Nee Nightclub in San Diego (Parq Nightclub)! She has also spent many years print, runway and spokes modeling for company’s such as Rockstar Energy Drink, and Maxim. In her free time Kristen enjoys country music, dance, camping, fishing, shooting and spending time with her disobedient dog Kloey!

You can follow her on Instagram – @kristenclinkscales

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