Nicksology Babe of the Week – Kristen Clinkscales

Kristen Clinkscales is a 24 years old native San Diegan.

Kristen has worked in the gaslamp for over 5 years as a Tilted Kilt girl, a Smokin’ Gun (Double Deuce), a Pussycat Doll at the former PCD Dollhouse, a Fluxx Foxx (Fluxx Nightclub), and now a proud Parq Bunny Bottle server where she provides the ultimate party experience in the  Best Nee Nightclub in San Diego (Parq Nightclub)! She has also spent many years print, runway and spokes modeling for company’s such as Rockstar Energy Drink, and Maxim. In her free time Kristen enjoys country music, dance, camping, fishing, shooting and spending time with her disobedient dog Kloey!

You can follow her on Instagram – @kristenclinkscales

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Bri Perone

Born and raised San Diego native.
Lived in the Bay Area and Las Vegas for some years.
Lived in Australia and bartended there for a year at the Northern in Byron Bay. Yew!
Biggest Charger Fan you will ever meet! If you don’t like it then don’t live here and go home!
Bar tending for almost 4 years. Got my start at Hooters of the Gaslamp.
Currently loving my job at Harbortown Pub!
I like sh*t talking and banter, especially so when I’m bar tending.
I played three sports in college and like sports all around. Plus like I said I like sh*t talking.
My favorite movie is Goodfellas and if I was stranded on a deserted island and I could have only album with me it’d be Chronic 2001.

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Ali Le

Brand Ambassador // VIP Host at Parq Nightclub

San Diego Native! Spent a few years living in Los Angeles
B.A. Communication at University of San Diego (ongoing, senior)

Modeling for 5+ years
Love house music, adventures, Europe, being in a bikini, food!!

You can follow her on Instagram at @alikitten / @missali.parq and on Facebook at

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Katelyn Munn

Hobbies: boxing, dance, scuba diving(well anything water related)… Or anything having to do with adventure. And of course drinking. That’s what I’m best at.
Favorite cocktail: whiskey. Scotch. And anything to do with either. 🙂
I’ve been downtown for about 4 years. Started at lucky bastard saloon and became the bar manager, now I’m just bar tending. I’ve worked for Bjs, Stone, Water Grill, Nicky Rottens, and now finally apart of the RMD family”

You can follow her on Facebook at

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Jasmin Hickey

Born NY, raised in AZ(Cardinals fan)
26 years old
Bartending for 7+ years
Bar manager at F6ix
I love yoga, hiking, and traveling
A major movie quoter

You can follow her on Instagram at @jazzyf6ix and on Facebook at

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Kimberly Cruz

Kimberly has a true love for bartending. Imagine if Breaking Bad was about mixing drinks and the star was a pinup model instead of an ex-teacher. With over 12 years in the industry she’s made a lot of friends along the way, and if you’re lucky enough to be one you know friends are the most important thing in her life- more important than publicity to Kanye. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to meet new friends everyday at the bar, it’s pretty much the perfect job for her. Not only is Kimberly a flair bartender on par with Tom Cruise in Cocktail (never saw it? Go Netflix it- we’ll wait…) but she volunteers in her community with beach clean ups and reaching things on the top shelf. Her giving doesn’t stop there, she also rescues iguanas and helps find them forever homes. Iguanas! Who does that? Kimberly, that’s who. She strives to show her appreciation by giving a helping hand where ever she can and is a big believer in taking care of the city she fell in love with while having fun along the way- If San Diego was Ted Mosby, she’d be the Your Mother he’s been dying to tell you about.

You can follow her on Instagram at @kbbcruz and on Facebook at

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Jennifer Naylor

I was born and raised in San Diego. I grew up in San Marcos, starting my way into the bar/nightlife scene bartending at Rookies Sports Bar in Oceanside 2 years ago (where I still bar tend a few nights a week) and made the move downtown this past February. I’ve been working in the Gaslamp area for about a year and a half now. I started at Stingaree as a junior VIP host during its last year. Once Stingaree shut its doors Sidebar welcomed me in with open arms as their newest VIP host and it’s been such an amazing experience from day one.

You can follow her on Instagram at @jennnnaylor

Nicksology Babe of the Week – Paula Vuong

You can follow her on Instagram at @PaulaVuong